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Included with a Dakota Grill

Removable Stainless Steel Parts
Top (lift-up) Grate
Bottom Grate Set
Smoker Tray
Drip Pan

Meat Probe
Grease Jar
Dakota Grill Seasonings
Wood-Chip Assortment

User Manual
Quick-Start Guide
Temp. Magnet

Stately 430 Series – $1,695

The Dakota Grill Stately 430 Series combines a large grilling area, a body and lid made entirely of 430 stainless steel with the grates being 304 stainless steel, and two permanent side shelves. These grills plug into a standard 120V wall socket (either a 20A outlet or a dedicated 15A outlet).

Customize this grill with your choice of sand-blasted images, electronic welcome messages, and more!

Model Specific Optional Accessories

Grill Cover – $100 – High quality vinyl cover fits neatly around grill; velcro strip snugs it firmly in place. Many colors are available.

The Dakota Grill Stately 430 Series has a body and lid are made entirely of 430 stainless steel, the grates are 304 stainless steel, the shelves, handle, and lid-stops are powder-coated galvanneal, and the square-tubing legs are powder-coated steel. Stainless steel, galvanneal, and powdercoat paint are all very durable materials and can withstand harsh outdoor envirnoments; these grills should last a lifetime. You can leave these outside and BBQ, grill, smoke, or bake on them year-round, or grill inside your house with no smoke. (A greasy grill may produce smoke if you set it above 350 degrees.) Obviously, you should not use the smoker capability indoors, unless you have the optional vent system.

The Stately Series grills include electronic controls with AutoChef™ technology, dishwasher-safe grates and drip pan, dual cooking levels (you can cook on both levels simultaneously), large 8″ wheels, and a smoker-tray attachment. High quality grill covers are also available.

Room-temperature pre-heat time is 10-12 minutes for normal cooking temperatures (300 to 350). Note that preheating is only important when baking; we seldom preheat when grilling and never when smoking. Because the insulated walls absorb and re-radiate thermal energy, you may briefly open the lid without significant heat loss.

At 480 square inches of grilling area (240 per level), these are the largest 120V grills available — this is true even with one level! If you use both levels, you have more grilling area than many 240V grills.

*Contact us for specific pricing on Additional Options & Accessories that are available for purchase with your grill. Prices shown are deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.

Made in the USA and crafted with pride, all Dakota Grills™ are built to last!