Dakota Grills

Unleash Your Inner Chef

Included with a Dakota Grill

Removable Stainless Steel Parts
Top (lift-up) Grate
Bottom Grate Set
Smoker Tray
Drip Pan

Meat Probe
Grease Jar
Dakota Grill Seasonings
Wood-Chip Assortment

User Manual
Quick-Start Guide
Temp. Magnet

Built-In 304 Series – $1,999

The Built-In model is a wonderful addition for any indoor or outdoor kitchen. Designed for a standard 36″ counter, this premium-quality model includes luxuries similar to the Signature Series. Installation is very flexible: you may build your counter to fit or use included trim for an adjustable retrofit. Your Built-In Dakota Grill™ can slide into your counter from the front or lower down from the top. The grill’s base cabinet is also your choice: build one to match your other cabinets or use our stainless steel base to perfectly match the grill.

Included Options & Accessories

Sandblasting/Etching – Artwork of your choice etched into the lid or grill body.  We have many standard designs to choose from.

Custom message – Add a unique message to the electronic display (great for gifts!).

The Built-In Series model is unique since it is designed to fit into a standard 36″ tall by 24″ deep counter, built indoors or out. Installation is very flexible; you may build your counter around the grill body or use optional trim pieces for a retrofit, but access to the Grease Jar (underneath grill) is neccessary.

The body, lid and grates are made of high quality 304 stainless steel. Powder-coat paint on zinc-plated steel is used for the lid handle. All fasteners are stainless steel. These grills are exceptionally well built! You can grill or bake on them year-round inside your house with no smoke.

The optional Exhaust System allows you to smoke indoors, without a hood. It uses a 50 cfm fan to exhaust smoke through a 2″ diameter tube. As long as the lid is closed, all smoke is drawn out through the Exhaust System. The amount of airflow is adjustable. We recommend exhausting the least airflow necessary to remove all the smoke, thereby keeping your meats extremely tender and juicy.

Dimensions 24″W x 16″D x 44.6″H
Pre-heat Time 10-13 minutes @ 300°F to 350°F
Grilling Area 480 sq. inches

*Contact us for specific pricing on Additional Options & Accessories that are available for purchase with your grill. Prices shown are deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.

Made in the USA and crafted with pride, all Dakota Grills™ are built to last!