Concrete Services

Concrete Service - Acid Staining

Acid Staining

Acid Stain is a fantastic way to liven up your existing concrete and incorporate color. We currently offer 12 colors with our acid stain service. These twelve colors can vary from slab to slab and will create a unique look for your interior or exterior project.

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Concrete Services - Chipped Garage Floors

Chipped Garage Floors

Often referred to as color flakes, color chips, or epoxy paint chips, these little explosions of color can help to create some beautiful custom garage floor coatings with just a little creativity. This service can give your floor a unique look to match any setting you want!

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Concrete Services - Engraving


A remarkable way to permanently enhance any concrete surface, concrete engraving can distinguish and define a design INTO the concrete. Define your existing concrete with a unique and timeless engraving custom to you!

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Concrete Services - Epoxy Finish

Epoxy Finish/ Sealing

If you have cracks, pits, chips, or a poor finish, our overlay products may be just what you are after. We offer concrete overlay, epoxy finish, and concrete sealing to anyone looking to keep it simple and get their existing unsightly concrete ‘back on its feet‘.

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Concrete Services - Nebula Epoxy

Nebula Epoxies

Nebula Epoxy is a metallic pigment for Epoxy Coatings that can add very unique coloring to your project. This unique coloring technique offers infinite design possibilities based on color choice and application techniques. The result is a durable, glossy surface with the breathtaking depth of color.

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No, we are not stamping or just doing an overlay on your concrete!

Concrete Revival uses the process of engraving or staining.  Engraving and Staining gives your project a realistic resemblance to the look you are going for whether it is natural stone, tile, marble or more.

Since it is not an overlay, we do not add a surface that could one day peel or break off, although sometimes when needed, an overlay may be used to give a fresh new surface to stain upon.  This can be incredibly efficient to change a surface texture, i.e. from broom finish to smooth.

Staining and engraving is the preferred process because of the price, low maintenance, and realistic appearance.